Welcome to the 28th Annual AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run! 


Jon Santos Whether you are a past or new participant, Welcome and Thank You for joining us and showing your commitment to the fight to end HIV/AIDS as we know it.

 We are excited to work with you and help you to achieve the goals you have set. From family and friends to bake sales, jean’s day at work, fundraising           workshops, and other creative ways to raise money, let’s put the fun back into fundraising!

 Every dollar raised stays in metro Atlanta to provide services to those affected/infected by HIV/AIDS. This includes education, prevention, nutrition, housing, testing, and providing primary medical care and other supportive services to those who are most vulnerable in our community.

 Our work continues with urgency and you are a part of the solution. The number of people living with HIV in Atlanta in 2015 totaled 32,818.  Atlanta ranks 3rd in the nation and Georgia 5th in new HIV infections. The impact of your efforts immediately goes to work to make our community healthier and reduce
new HIV infections.   

Please be sure to contact members of our team whenever you need to, feel free to share your successes and stories with us!

Please be sure to stay tuned for future updates and be sure to check our website regularly for updates, workshops and special events that will help you prepare for the 28th annual AIDS Walk Atlanta and 5K Run.

Thank you for making a difference! Thank you for participating!   

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Jon Santos
AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run

Presenting Sponsor